Norea Medical

Private safety & medical services from highly qualified specialists
"where humankind goes, medicine must follow"

About us

Norea Medical is Icelandic professional and experienced emergency care physicians, paramedics, EMT's, nurses and wilderness safety personal.

Our faculty members represent an extensive experience they share common passions for adventure, medicine and teaching. Through our service, they thrive to give you the most personal service, flexibility to keep the project as safe as possible while keeping expectation on practical delivery, such as shooting location, expedition experience or competition goals.

"Our goal is the same as yours, and we would love to make it as safe as possible with you"​
Why choose us?
We live our values which is the combination of outdoors and medical service
Advanced medical gear
We use a reliable and highly functional equipment to match your expectation. From special modified 4x4 ambulance to pre-hospital care to expedition medicine kit
Health & Safety
We can arrange the medical expectation you have, wether it is specialist medic, location safety or a full service health organisation, we can arrange it for you.
We believe that a humble but quality work builds the best match to a task. Working together on solution and executing a successful project is what we thrive for.
Qualified & attentive staff
Our specialists have the best education, experience and individual approach for each project.

Our medical services

Our service is available at any location whether local or remote for Movie & TV Production Sets, expedition and wilderness projects, Concerts, Festivals, Sporting & Extreme Events, Corporate events, private or other public gatherings. Our selection of medical professionals enables us to serve your needs both nationally and internationally anywhere at any time.
Production & Tv
— Location safety and first response
— On set medics, nurses and ambulance
— Safety and Medicine consulting
— Advanced equipment support, such as modified 4x4 ambulance or mobile medical unit
Expedition Medicine
— Consulting on medical and safety need
— Medical gear and expedition medicine planning
— Expedition medic (doctor, nurse and/or paramedic) 
— Mountain guides and safety gear 
Sport events
— Consulting on medicine need
— On location medic and ambulance 
— Safety and risk assessment and management 
— Concerts, football games, conferences and more
— Consulting on medicine needs
— On location medicine service
— Risk assessment and management 
One stop health and safety solution
Every project starts with a conversation. Feel free to reach out and get free advise on safety and health need of your project. We might safe you a hassle and offer you a great solution.
Meet our specialists
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Arnar Pall Gíslason
Founder & Paramedic
Elva Dögg Valsdóttir
Co-Owner & Nurse
Urður Skúladóttir
EMT-I & Nurse
Siggi Bjarni Sveinsson
EMT-B & safety
Located in Selfoss, Iceland
Phone: +354 8472324
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